IVR Speech Consulting

We can design, optimize or adapt an IVR system to gain all the advantages of VUI.

In interactive voice response (IVR) solutions, the technical side of automatic speech recognition (ASR) has matured to a point where correctly capturing spoken input is very reliable. Now a major challenge is creating intuitive and efficient voice user interfaces (VUI) to properly harness this technology as a business-driving tool. Developing an effective VUI involves a number of activities that a typical IVR software developer may not have the time or expertise to tackle. This is where Pronexus IVR Speech Consulting services can help you succeed. We can design a new VUI from the ground up, edit and optimize an existing voice application, or even adapt an IVR (touchtone) system to migrate it effectively to get all the advantages of a VUI.

VUI Design

  • Gather IVR task analysis/requirements
  • Interpret requirements into sample dialogs for demonstration (user-centered design approach)
  • Develop call flow and dialog design (typically as a Visio® and Word® document)
  • Produce a list of IVR prompts (have them professionally recorded, if desired)
  • Develop and tune grammars

VUI Review

  • Analyze an existing IVR application's call flow and dialogs for inconsistencies or weaknesses
  • Assess usability to point out likely problems
  • Produce a report of suggested changes to optimize VUI

Tuning Services

  • Analyze an existing application's dialogs and grammars
  • Re-evaluate an existing call flow's success in achieving its goal
  • Optimize recognition parameters


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