VisualConnect™ is a powerful new tool embedded in VBVoice™ that enables all VBVoice controls to develop a call flow that simultaneously builds two output channels.

VisualConnect™ is a built-in VBVoice™ product. Existing IVR applications and applications traditionally built for voice interactions over the telephone can now be used over the web on smartphones. Pronexus is pleased that our architects continue to define and redefine interactive voice response (IVR) products by incorporating data channel development into our existing drag-and-drop, click and deploy model.

Now VBVoice can create both audio and visual menus for your end users' smartphones or browsers. For example, no need for the end user to press “enter” when entering their information. To start developing a dual-channel application, simply indicate the number of data channels you would like to add to your existing voice channels and Pronexus takes care of the rest. No additional development effort building data-channel designated call flows is necessary; although beautifying options for dual channel optimization are provided.

How will developers use VisualConnect to develop Visual IVR applications?

Our architects did all the heavy lifting -- IVR software developers will use the same tools they currently use in VBVoice. With the click of a button, call flow will be data channel enabled, meaning the output will be a graphic representation of menus and prompts in addition to the audio menu. Developers can select from a list of attractive, built-in graphic user interfaces (GUIs) to provide customers with an appealing visual experience.

‍The available GUIs are built into VBVoice with VisualConnect.

Customers that have existing IVR applications can upgrade to VBVoice 10.1 and repurpose existing call flows for visual output. There is no need to redevelop call flows to enable VisualConnect; just customize some properties specific to text messages and your application will be visually enabled.

How will developers launch Visual IVR applications?

In the same way that traditional audio IVRs built with VBVoice have been supported end to end by Pronexus, VisualConnect will also be a turnkey solution through our team. Our sales team will provide all run times and licenses required to enable your smartphone application.

Talk to our sales team about a free, seven-day trial license* to try out VisualConnect on your VBVoice applications!

* Ten business days of free support, two (2) free runtimes and one (1) seven-day trial data license, valid with first VBVoice download only. One per customer/company. Applies to new customers only. Seven-day trial data license is a limited time offer.


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