Let us to facilitate your IVR solution development efforts.

Pronexus is the creative force behind VBVoice™ so no one knows the product better than we do. That’s why Pronexus can facilitate your IVR solution development efforts by performing code and call flow reviews to ensure that your usage of VBVoice is optimized for your voice application requirements, enabling your system to perform to its maximum potential.

Our telephony and speech developers share their programming and telephony expertise to ensure that your IVR application meets and exceeds your goals. The following services are provided by our team of experts:

  • IVR application call flow review ensures that the logic of your IVR application is optimized for your business or organizational requirements. Pronexus developers will apply best practices in telephony and speech application design to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your development process
  • IVR application code review identifies bugs and areas that could potentially limit an otherwise successful telephony or speech application. Pronexus developers will advise you how to correct and avoid similar limitations in the future
  • IVR design architecture review of issues such as telephony hardware and third-party interoperability are examined for flaws and weaknesses, which may result in a compromised design process
  • .NET conversion service helps you migrate an existing VBVoice application from Visual Basic® to the .NET environment

A typical review process takes approximately two business days. However, the time required may vary depending on your needs.

Contact your account manager or the Pronexus sales team today for more information on IVR Applications Review.



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