Create sophisticated IVR solutions with VBVoice using familiar programming skills and industry-standard programming languages (C# and .NET)

Service providers and in-house developers can reduce interactive voice response (IVR) application development time and bring their IVR solutions to market faster with VBVoice™. The benefits of VBVoice are rapid application development, easier, less costly maintenance and support of industry-leading voice and telephony technologies.

Rapid Application Development

Use our drag and drop IVR platform that integrates with Microsoft® Visual Studio®. With it, you can develop telephony and speech applications using a high-level drag and drop user interface. VBVoice allows you to quickly build IVR prototypes, test them, incorporate changes based on user feedback and go live without breaking the bank.

Why Choose VBVoice?

  • Create simple to sophisticated IVR applications using familiar programming skills and industry-standard programming languages (C# and .NET)
  • Leverage leading speech and telephony technologies including ASR, HMP, MRCP, SIP, TTS and VoIP
  • Higher capacity on a single application
  • Cut development time with:
    - Visual call flow environment
    - Fully customizable voice controls
    - Event-driven framework
    - Source-level debugging
  • Give your project a head start with:
    - Prompt library (English [UK & US], French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish (Castilian & South American)
    - Sample applications (e.g., help desk, auto attendant, predictive dialer, self-service menus, etc.)


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