VBVoice 10 now with VisualConnect Gives IVR Developers Dual Channel Output

One call flow now creates both traditional IVR audio interaction AND smartphone touch screen interaction

Pronexus is thrilled to announce that VBVoice™ 10, now with VisualConnect™, is now available. VBVoice developers who build audio Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call flows using the drag and drop rapid application toolkit VBVoice can now, enable a dual track call flow – for both audio and data inputs.

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vbvoice10 callflow 2outputs diagram

In July this year, Pronexus announced that it would bring to market simultaneous voice and data call flows with just one development stream.  Now traditional audio IVR developers become mobile and web application developers with just a few clicks! No need to involve your IT team or web development team – the IVR developer simply enables VisualConnect within the toolkit to provide both audio and visual output from the VBVoice call flow design. The visual output runs on HTML5 browsers providing the added benefit of being device agnostic. The VBVoice Visual IVR output runs on a wide selection of devices; from desktops to tablets to smartphones.

“The best part about our new patent-pending product is that our architects have done all the heavy lifting,” said Gary Hannah, CEO Pronexus.  “Our customers told us, if we could create a dual mode output with just the click of a button, the IVR would solve their end users’ requirements for multi-channel customer service – so we built it the way they asked!”

Pronexus, the grandfather of traditional audio IVR technology is pleased to bring its first non-traditional IVR solution to market with VBVoice 10.  Now using the components and functionality that IVR developers have relied on for 20 years, Pronexus customers can launch smartphone visual IVR applications simply by configuring channels to process either a voice session or a data session.  End users can either hear the prompts: “press one for your account information”,

or see the prompt on their screen    –Press HERE for Account Information.

The new product is a testament to Pronexus’ dedication to offering the most powerful and usable IVR development toolkits available today, allowing developers to design and create voice and data solutions simultaneously. VBVoice, now with VisualConnect™, will allow application developers to double their productivity with little additional effort. Dual channel developing will be as easy as some property customization; there will be no search for a third party vendor to build an app to activate the data channel. End users will now access self-service menus using their voice or by touching the screen of their smartphone or tablet, or even clicking through menus in a browser that supports HTML5; VisualConnect is an excellent addition for applications such as banking, retail, travel, and utilities.

VisualConnect is backwards compatible too!  Developers can quickly and easily enable VisualConnect on their existing VBVoice IVR applications.  Convert hundreds of applications to smartphone enabled solutions simply by customizing properties specific to text messages.

Contact sales@pronexus.com for more information or go to our websites to download the new product free of charge and take advantage of our free trial run time licenses to test your application before you launch.  Our full service support team is always here to help.  We offer many how-to videos to walk you through the development process.  Check it all out on our websites at vbvoice.com or pronexus.com.

About Pronexus Inc.

Pronexus is the creative force behind VBVoice, recognized as one of the most seasoned and powerful IVR development toolkits available today. After 20 years of consistent innovation and technological advancement in the field of IVR development, Pronexus has expanded its product range to include the comprehensive IVR monitoring tool IVRGuard™, and Pronexus’ new offering, VisualConnect™. Pronexus’ commitment to innovative, future-proof solutions is demonstrated by our dedication to offering this new functionality as well as our status as an established Microsoft Silver Partner. VBVoice integrates with the latest versions of Microsoft® Visual Studio, enabling use of familiar programming skills and industry-standard programming languages. The intuitive visual call flow environment and programmable controls as well as the time-saving features of VBVoice, such as a multi-lingual prompt library and many sample applications that help new users to learn and understand toolkit functionality, make complex IVR applications built on VBVoice easy to develop and quick to deploy.

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