Pronexus VBVoice Now Available on Amazon Web Services

Pronexus Inc., the leader in telephony and speech on Microsoft .net technologies, announced today that its flagship Interactive Voice Engine, VBVoice, is now fully tested for use on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

A longtime Pronexus customer, Scribe Technology Solutions (Scribe), initiated testing for compliance and security of their VBVoice based application on AWS in 2020 and completed their testing in early 2021. Physicians use the Scribe application to dictate patient notes which are then automatically transcribed into patient records for storage and viewing by other healthcare professionals treating the same patient. It is integral to the application that the notes transcribed are private and secure, which meant that rigorous testing was involved in ensuring the application could be safely housed on the AWS cloud service.

“We are thrilled that testing proved the solution is secure on AWS”, said Mark Boyce, Scribe President and CEO. “Pronexus has been delivering its .Net interactive voice engine for Scribe’s next generation technologies for more than a decade and we continue to rely on the secure voice engine VBVoice for our dictation application.”

“Our own testing of the Scribe application on AWS showed no degradation of voice clarity, speed or performance and we are therefore excited to announce that we will also be testing and certifying VBVoice on the Microsoft Azure platform in the coming weeks,” said Val Doroga, Chief Architect, VBVoice. “It is truly amazing that as the grandfather of IVR, VBVoice a more than 20-year-old product continues to flex and pivot to adapt to the changing landscape in technology. We recently added a new security feature into VBVoice to make licensing even more streamlined for our customers, and now we are announcing that next generation cloud services are compatible with this legacy technology. It is truly amazing to see the progression of this essential technology playing an important role even today,” finished Doroga.

About Pronexus

Established in 1994, Pronexus specializes in telephony and speech on Microsoft .net technologies. Our flagship product, Pronexus VBVoice™ intelligent voice response (IVR) software enables developing feature-rich inbound and outbound IVR solutions that improve customer service and streamline internal processes.

About Scribe Technology Solutions

Scribe is the leading cloud enabled solutions company for healthcare providers in optimizing productivity, profitability, and patient care while returning flexibility and control to healthcare organizations through simplified, intuitive, and innovative medical workflow solutions. Scribe serves health care providers and organizations of all sizes, from single practitioners to clinics to hospitals, tailoring its products, services, and people to the unique needs of each practice it serves. Learn more at or 1.833.472.7423.

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