Pronexus Releases VBVoice 11 Offering Increased Security and Scalability

Pronexus, the leader in telephony and speech on Microsoft .net technologies, released the latest version of VBVoice on May 28th, 2020. VBVoice 11 is now a even more robust and stable product, offering developers a heightened level of security that is essential in today’s IVR environments. This version also offers a secure licensing model that is fully automated, a built-in Auto Updater that checks periodically for new software versions, and advanced support for SIP, improving service quality. This fresh user experience is designed to facilitate a robust IVR development experience using a proven drag and drop IVR platform. With VBVoice 11’s built-in optimization features, it is easier than ever for users to deploy their IVR applications into premise or cloud environments.

“We are proud and excited to offer organizations enhanced security features and flexibility, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic,” stated Valentin Doroga, Chief Architect. “With VBVoice 11, organizations can save operating costs and keep employees safe, by reducing the need for live agents in the office. This product was designed to be adaptable to meet our clients’ evolving needs, even during a global crisis.”

There are significant global increases in IVR Traffic in call centers due to the COVID pandemic. VBVoice 11 solves many issues for organizations who need stable IVR platforms. Top features include: automated outreach, enhanced security, ease of use, proven stability and best in class features. Other new features:

• Enhanced Security

• New licensing model is automated.

• Auto Updater checks periodically for new software versions, saving you time and effort.

• Newest version of Announce allows you to select the input and output audio device of your choice.

• SIP support for outbound proxies improves service quality.

• Modularity has been redesigned for higher densities and improved stability.

• New Runtime Manager functionality has been added to increase security and stability.

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About Pronexus

Established in 1994, Pronexus specializes in telephony and speech on Microsoft .net technologies. Our flagship product, Pronexus VBVoice™ intelligent voice response (IVR) software enables developing feature-rich inbound and outbound IVR solutions that improve customer service and streamline internal processes.

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