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Pronexus SurveyOwl™ allows end users to create and launch surveys using interactive voice response (IVR) technology. SurveyOwl gives you full control and flexibility of the survey process while saving money. The easy-to-use system gives users the flexibility to set up surveys in five easy steps. Respondents use their phone keypad to answer survey questions. Once surveys are launched, use your PayPal account to purchase credits and launch your survey now or pick a time that suits you best. Review survey results when you campaign completes.


Reach out to customers, voters, employees, and students in various industries for feedback and polling. Create and launch a survey in five easy steps:

  1. Create your survey
  2. Buy credits (Survey Owl currency)
  3. Upload a contact list
  4. Launch your survey now or schedule it for a later date
  5. Analyze and export responses using reports

Surveys use text to speech or audio files that you upload. The option to pay for a professional recording is also available by contacting

The beauty of SurveyOwl is that end users only pay for the service when it’s used. SurveyOwl offers flexibility (no contracts), cost savings, and quick and easy survey creation.

Be wise. Call 'em all.



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