Pronexus IVR Proprietary Call Control

Pronexus offers its optional proprietary SIP call control.

Pronexus offers optional proprietary speech over internet protocol (SIP) call control for VBVoice™ customers in versions 8.20 and above. Eliminating the need for third-party call control, developers can now reduce the cost of their application and make use of the proprietary Pronexus Call Control. Pronexus Call Control eliminates the limitations inherent in using a third-party solution and provides a foundation for adding additional features in future VBVoice releases (e.g., support for transfers through re-invite messages, support for changes of codecs and other call conditions during the call and the ability to expose more information about the call to the application).

The benefits of Pronexus SIP Call Control:

  • Reduces the cost of your interactive voice response (IVR) solution
  • Functions as a foundation for additional features in future versions of VBVoice
  • Allows VBVoice to interact with SIP as a user server as well as a user agent


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