Pronexus Launches SurveyOwl

SurveyOwl™ gives users full control of the phone survey process on a budget

OTTAWA, ON – February 5, 2019 – Pronexus is pleased to announce the launch of SurveyOwl™, a self-serve hosted application allowing customers to create and send out surveys using interactive voice response (IVR) technology. SurveyOwl gives customers full control and flexibility of the survey process to a range of verticals such as real estate, electoral and customer service, while saving money. The easy-to-use system gives users the flexibility to set up surveys in five easy steps then respondents use a keypad on their phone to respond. Once users launch a survey they have access to reporting with access to responses and ability to export data.

“Leveraging our 25 years of experience in smart IVR technology, we’re excited to be offering this easy-to-use survey tool for our customers to collect and analyze information from their audience such as customers, employees, students, and voters,” said Gary T. Hannah, CEO, Pronexus. “We made it easy to create and launch surveys with step-by-step instructions. Users can create multi-question surveys and get interactive responses. You can even schedule your survey or multiple surveys of when to launch.”

Creating and launching a survey can be done in five easy steps:

  1. Create your survey
  2. Buy credits
  3. Upload a contact list
  4. Launch your survey
  5. Analyze responses using reports

When calls are made the survey questions are read by a WAV file (standard audio file) that the user uploads. The option for a professional recording is also available.

The beauty of SurveyOwl is that end users only pay for the service when it is used rather than making an investment that can be difficult or even impossible to recoup. SurveyOwl offers flexibility (no contracts), cost savings and easy to budget.

About Pronexus  

Pronexus is the creative force behind VBVoice™, recognized as one of the most seasoned and powerful IVR development toolkits available today. After 25 years of consistent innovation and technological advancement in the field of IVR development, Pronexus has expanded its product range to include the VisualConnect™ and SurveyOwl™. Pronexus’ commitment to innovative, future-proof solutions is demonstrated by our dedication to offering this new functionality as well as our status as an established Microsoft Silver Partner. VBVoice integrates with the latest versions of Microsoft® Visual Studio, enabling use of familiar programming skills and industry-standard programming languages. The intuitive visual call flow environment and programmable controls as well as the time-saving features of VBVoice, such as a multi-lingual prompt library and many sample applications that help new users to learn and understand toolkit functionality, make complex IVR applications built on VBVoice easy to develop and quick to deploy.