Videos on VBVoice IVR software features, tips from our experts and a demo of the toolkit.

Our interactive voice response (IVR) videos discuss IVR software features and provide a demo of VBVoice™ IVR toolkit.

To view videos click below, or view our YouTube channel, the IVRtube channel.

VBVoice 10.2 with VisualConnect

Ask the Expert Videos

Volume 1 | Using Delegates to Access Database Information

A best practice when developing applications is to make sure your events in the application’s main thread are taking up as little time as possible.

VBVoice How-to Videos

Porting an Existing VBVoice IVR Application into a Windows Service

Pronexus Developer, Fouad Jennawi, walks you through how to port your existing VBVoice IVR application to a Microsoft™ Windows™ service.

Please download the accompanying white paper.

Selecting an Interactive Voice Response Rapid Application Development Tool
August 13, 2018
Developers looking to enter the voice business market face a number of hardware and software choices. This white paper aims to outline some key things to consider when selecting an application development tool.

How to Build an IVR Application in 5 Steps Using Free IVR Software

Pronexus Manager of Support, Sean White, builds a simple IVR application using free IVR software VBVoice. In five steps he shows you how to build an IVR call flow, debug and test the IVR application.
These examples are shown using VBVoice 7.1 on a Windows 7 environment in Visual Studio 2010.

IVR Example: Step 1 - Adding the VBVFrame

IVR Example: Step 2 - Building the Call Flow

IVR Example: Step 3 - Connecting and Customizing Controls

IVR Example: Step 4 - Using the GetDigits Control and Creating Recordings

IVR Example: Step 5 - Checking and Testing the IVR Application

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